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Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.
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Mission Statement

“We are Spa for the community with seasoned professionals that will genuinely care about you.”

There is a Difference!

At Centering Massage, we are leaders in our industry in SERVICE. We give you more VALUE. We book our 60 minute massage appointments 90 minutes apart. You are given full time on the table. Our time starts when our hands are on you and we always add a few extra minutes to your 60 minute massage…. ’

Img massageThe extra time scheduled for you gives your therapist time to talk to you so she can customize your massage. After your massage, the extra time is for your therapist to give you self care tips to extend your treatment.

You will receive a customized blend of hot stones, hot seaweed compress, your choice of butter creams for hands and feet and hot towel wraps for hands, feet, face and scalp. All for the asking at NO ADDITIONAL COST.

This Holiday Gift Giving

Holiday gift certificates We are the gift certificate specialists. Because every massage is tailored to each clients’ needs and all add-ons are included in your gift at no additional cost, we encourage you to buy our 90 minute massage.

During the Holidays, we don’t just give an envelope at Christmas…we give a package. This year’s package includes our home made lotion bar, our home made bookmark with a special message and Truffle. All these wrapped up in a ribboned box that you can put under your tree.

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Our Location

Centering Massage is located across the street from the Best Western and the Oxford Inn.