Cynthia, Massage Therapist

The question I get asked most about being a massage therapist is why I chose to be an LMT.  To be completely honest, I did’t know much about massage before I went to school.  I had never even had a massage until I went to massage school!  I did know that I wanted to be in the healthcare field and knew I wanted to help others.  When I was enrolled in massage school, I finally got to experience my first massage and feel all of my aches and pains literally melt away.  I got to experience firsthand all the positives it did for my body after just one massage.  I knew this is what I wanted to do, and I knew that I wanted to bring that same feeling I felt and positivity I felt to other people.

After experiencing massage school and learning all about the human body and all the positive impacts massage can bring to one’s body, I knew I had subconsciously chosen to be a massage therapist because I believe in the healing that my hands can bring to people in need.  I also believe in the natural healing process, and most importantly I love to help people in any way possible.

My favorite style of massage is Swedish otherwise known as relaxation massage.  Also, my favorite places to focus are the upper back, neck and shoulders.  So, if you get regular migraines or you feel like you’re wearing your shoulders as accessories, or if you just want to fall asleep, I am your gal!