Signature Massage

This is the one we are known for! You will receive a customized blend of hot stones, hot seaweed compress, your choice of butter creams for hands and feet and hot towel wraps for hands, feet, face and scalp. All for the asking at NO ADDITIONAL COST! Swedish with other massage techniques will be used to meet your individual needs. This massage addresses chronic pain, and promotes full body relaxation. An ultimate massage experience! (Deep tissue work is charged an additional $10)

60 min – $75
90 min – $105

Deep Tissue Massage

A vigorous massage that uses a deep pressure to relax hypertonic muscles and release built up toxins. Perception of pressure is subjective and your practitioner will be in communication with you to find a balance with your needs for depth and what she is feeling the tissue is ready to receive.

60 min – $85
90 min – $115

Therapeutic Massage

Do you have a prescription for Massage? We can help you if you do not have an HMO insurance plan. You can be reimbursed for our work and we will help you in getting your reimbursement. Please call ahead and talk to our owner, Connie Weisel, she will fit you with the therapist that best suits the therapy you need. We do not bill health insurance companies.

60 min – $85
60 min w/ Deep Tissue – $115

Neck and Back Relief Massage

Essential back and neck work that uses relaxation and therapeutic modalities. Hot stones are used followed with a hot seaweed compress to enhance healing and a good night rest.

30 min – $45

Maternal Massage

Designed for comfort and relaxation using our reclining table or side-lying if client prefers. This massage will ease many of the physical and mental stresses unique to expectant mothers. Mommy and baby must be in good health and in at least their 2nd trimester.

60 min – $85

The Signature Facial Massage

Facing stressful times? Try our new Signature Facial Massage! We begin with precision pressure point work, along with specific muscle release applications to reduce tension and holding patterns. We then move into a rhythmic relaxation massage to take you into a deeper state of peace. To finish, we gently address the energetic body with intentions for the fifth through seventh energy centers to promote a sense of calm and harmony. A warm steam towel is the cherry on top. Welcome to the world of facial massage! There’s no going back now!

30 min – $45
Or can be added with your 1.5 hr massage – $105